Documentation of a migrating specimen of Maculinea arion L. in Denmark

This stray specimen of Maculinea arion was accidentally found on the Baltic island Bornholm on July 1996 by a spanish collector. It was mistaken for a Maculinea alcon which, however, is not present on this island.

It is very rare that M. arion is recorded as migrant, normally it is very resident within its localities. The last finding af M. arion from Bornholm was made in 1960 and even habitats possibly still exists, the species is considered extinct from the island. The specimen figured is hardly of Danish origin due to its large, black spots and the fact, that it was found in a forest locality not suitable as habitat for this species.

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Female Maculinea arion found on Bornholm, July, 1996, T. Nygaard fot.