Findings of Heliothis peltigera  D.& S. in Denmark

 By Bjarne Skule

English summary 

The current article tells the story of two specific records of Heliothis peltigera D.& S. from Denmark in the great year for its immigration in 1996, where 25 of the known 60 records were made. The first part describes the luck of a "butterfly-observer" who only much later became aware of his luck when he photographed peltigera in a Danish alfalfa (Medicago) field on Funen, and the other notice tells how the first of the relatively great number of peltigera from 1996 was captured in Eastern Jutland early in the evening of 8th of June. The weather indicated a possible migration as it was a warm southern wind in front of a cold front to pass late at night. 

The third part of the article describes the biology and distribution of peltigera. This is merely information from literature. Important is the complete list of all records of peltigera from Denmark. The list includes a number of hitherto unpublished Danish records (9 findings) and corrects some errors from the Danish literature.

 peltigera-map (7411 bytes)
Danish records of H. peltigera. Note that there are several corrections to litterature.