First finding of Iphiclides podalirius in Denmark

For the first a documented observation of I. podalirius was made on the Baltic island Bornholm on July 1997 by Per Bollerup.

The species has been reported several times from Denmark, but all reports are very old and so dubious, that the species was deleted from the Danish list of Lepidoptera.

This specimen was observed for several minutes after which it flew away.

Unfortunately is there only small chances that the species establish itself in Denmark, as our summer weather normally is much too wet and too little sunshine.

Another finding of Iphiclides podalirius in Denmark

The finding of a very fresh female on south Zealand is supposed to be the result of the extraordinary hot and dry August and September 1997. Possibly a fertile female has arived from south-east Europa and have laid eggs in Denmark. Due to the fine weather, the caterpillars might have been able to reach pupation. The next years will show if this magnificient species has established itself in Denmark, however, the horrible weather most of the summer 1998 leaves little hope that we will see I. podalirius again. See old text below!

This fresh female was found on south Zealand June 13. 1998 by M. Nielsen & L. Rask
Records of Iphiclides podalirius (Sc.) from Denmark before 1997 (where the first well documented record was made) are reviewed in the article by Ole Karsholt. It is concluded that all such records are due either to mislabeling, accidential introduction or to misidentifications of sightings, and they are therefore rejected for the purpose of faunistic research on Danish Lepidoptera. 
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