Coenonympha hero L.

This species was a very local but often abundant species in forest meadows on the island of Sealand (Sjślland). The detailed biology in Denmark is unknown as is the foodplant, and unfortunately the species has apparently disappeared. It was last seen in 1981. The exact reasons for the extinction are unknown, but drainage and planting of spruce (Picea abies) in forest meadows are possibly the main reasons. Also lack of grazing by horses as in "old" days might be an important factor.

Today nearest populations are several hundreds of kilometers away, so natural re-establishment is most unlikely. How ever, it cannot be excluded that a small population still hides somewhere in some forest.

Distribution map for C. hero in Denmark until 1975 based on specimens in Danish collections.
Distribution map for C. hero in Denmark 1975 and later

UTM 10 km. squares. Data collected by Atlas Project Danish Butterflies

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