Lepidopterological Society in Copenhagen

Our paper Lepidoptera is issued twice a year by the Lepidopterological Society of Copenhagen and is sent free to all members of the society.

It usually contains 32-40 pages with many colour illustrations of high quality.
Articles are in Danish but important articles have an English summary. All species names are scientific names or Danish with scientific names.

Membership Danish Crowns 350,- (Euro 50,- )

For membership apply to: Christian Videnkjær, Lærkehaven 3, DK - 2980 Kokkedal, tlf. 29 61 15 77

Old series 1946-49 and New series from 1965 are still available, please apply to the Hon. Secretary Erik Steen Larsen, Bakkehusene 99, 2970 Hørsholm.

Editor: Michael Kavin

Our bank account is: 
Danske Bank 1551 - 102 72 98,
IBAN: DK71 3000 0001 027298,
SWIFT-BIC: DABADKKK or use PayPal to carstenhviid52@gmail.com

Treasurer: Lepidopterologisk Forening 
c/o Carsten Hviid
Virum Overdrevsvej 5A, 
2830 Virum,